Puppy Raising: Raise a Puppy, Save a Life

Puppy raisers are the unsung heroes of our Ability Dogs’ squad. These awesome folks are like the fairy dog-parents who kickstart our pups’ journey to greatness! Without them, our program would be like a doggone talent show with no contestants. And hey, we need those furry champs to find their forever homes with individuals who rely on their superhero powers.

Becoming a puppy raiser is a bark in the park: we hook you up with a fluffy sidekick based on your schedule and preferences. Most pups are fresh off the puppy press at 8 to 12 weeks old, but sometimes we have cool older or shelter pups in need of love too!

I.T.D.T covers all costs of vet care, monthly preventions, training equipment, food, and hosts a wide variety of classes that pups can join as your schedule fits. And hey, if you need a pup-sitter for a quick getaway, we’ve got you covered – as long as we get a heads-up

Raisers typically have a paw-some pal for 6 to 12 months. Ideally, we would have a merry-go-round of pups swapping homes every month – the “puppy shuffle”!

We need a bunch of folks to join in for the puppy shuffle, so the more who hop on board, the merrier our pawty will be! It’s all about keeping things exciting, letting our furry friends mingle with all kinds of humans, giving our raising squad adequate breaks, and making sure our leaders keep their eyes on the prize. Let’s team up and make this puppy bash a barking hit!

Raiser Responsibilities:

Puppy raisers, time to step up to the paw-some responsibilities and show us your best woofing skills!

  1. Maintaining a clean, groomed puppy including trimming of nails.
  2. Attending weekly class (we have many options in an attempt to fit your schedule)
  3. Taking puppy to required vet appointments, or, contacting ITDT to coordinate how we can assist you getting puppy there.
  4. Taking puppy on at least one vested training outing per week
  5. Checking off the socialization checklist (provided) to the best of your ability
  6. Alerting ITDT if any fearful or other alarming behavior were to occur immediately
  7. Be willing to manage behavior and puppies access around your home to prevent learning unwanted behaviors. We highly encourage management systems in the home including crates, baby gates, and leashes

We’re all about those fuzzy Labrador Retrievers! If you’ve got a gender preference, spill the beans when you sign up!

Raising a pup is like embarking on a thrilling adventure for kids – a mix of fun and learning covering a whole array of life lessons. From behavior to selflessness and everything in between, it’s a journey packed with paw-some experiences!

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Drop us a bark at intandemdogtraining@gmail.com!