Facility Dogs:

A facility dog is a working therapy dog: not to be confused with service dogs, these dogs are trained and provide comfort and companionship to a variety of people.

Facility dogs in particular work in specific establishments. They are typically owned by an employee, owner, or volunteer for that establishment. You may see facility dogs in schools, courtrooms, police departments, and many other places. They accompany their handler to work daily and are utilized for moral support or play therapy.

We offer fully trained facility dogs to those who are interested. Our facility dogs are obedience trained and well socialized. Some of their training includes general tricks like, resting their sweet head in someone’s lap on cue, or, waving hello when prompted. Of course, polite greetings for pets and scratches are included!

If you are looking for more play therapy for use in children’s counseling, physical therapy or other applicable sector we are happy to train specific tricks.

Because there is such a wide variety of tricks available, pricing for facility dogs varies based on what you would require.

Please email us at intandemdogtrianing@gmail.com for questions or to apply for a facility dog