Need an Evaluation for Service Work?

We conduct thorough evaluations of litters and individual dogs for service training, customized for individuals seeking to train their service dogs. Your collaboration in coordinating with breeders, shelters, rescues, or dog owners would be required. Even if your dog is not nearby, we can perform assessments remotely via video using the specified criteria:


Be within the 6-7 week old range

Be evaluated in an area they are unfamiliar with in a room away from the rest of the litter, by an individual they’ve not met

Loosely follow the Volhard P.A.T testing. We do not score the dogs the same but enjoy most of the individual tests and find most breeders and experienced rescues are well versed on these tests which makes everything comparable across the board.

If you’re looking for psychiatric work, we ask they include a response to crying.

Whole Litter Remote$75
Whole Litter In Person$100
Single Puppy$55
All evaluations will include a written assessment with a clear recommendation.

Adult Dogs:

If the evaluation is not local for me to do in person, please contact us at for specific instruction on videos required.

In Person$50