Need One on One Training?

Smudge, our own double merle who is deaf and going blind

Want tailor-made training plans for your furry pals?

We offer training services tailored to dogs of all ages, ranging from fundamental obedience to advanced tricks, as well as addressing pesky behavioral issues. Additionally, we specialize in providing training sessions specifically designed for dogs who are deaf or blind.

Our expertise extends to creating customized enrichment plans for your canine companion and home, as well as assisting in establishing a structured training schedule for your new puppy. Furthermore, if you require guidance on introducing your dog to a new, tiny human member of the family, we are well-equipped to support you.

Our personalized sessions are offered at affordable rates, ensuring quality assistance for both dogs and their owners.

Private lessons can also double as a training ground for owners teaching their service dogs the ropes.

One-Time Consult – 1 hour$50
4 pack – one hour sessions$250

Please text PRIVATE LESSON to 309.507.6209