Ability Dogs Program

Jensen, Working Dysautonomia Service Dog

Our primary focus centers on enhancing human well-being through placement of service dogs, where our profound enthusiasm lies in harnessing the remarkable influence of our beloved furry companions. The dedicated team with the Ability Dogs program diligently scours shelters, rescues, breeders, and even career transitioning dogs to enlist and train as therapy or service dogs for profoundly touching endeavors.

Are you an avid canine enthusiast? Are you interested in becoming a puppy raiser for our Ability Dogs program? Perhaps you are seeking a fully trained four-legged companion? Reach out to us at intandemdogtraining@gmail.com to explore these rewarding opportunities.

As we diligently prepare our dogs for their therapeutic roles, we steer clear of tasks such as weightlifting or aiding the visually impaired. Our commitment lies in upholding ethical standards and ensuring the safety of all involved.

We primarily focus on Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) for individuals experiencing PTSD, and Dysautonomia dogs for those struggling to manage symptoms of POTS, NCS/Vasovagal, or other types of Syncope. We do work with other disabilities do please reach out with any questions. We do place PSDs with those not involved in law enforcement or military roles.

The matching process is meticulous, considering individual personalities, preferences, and lifestyles. It transcends mere functionality; it is a heartfelt endeavor dedicated to uniting individuals with their canine companions in a manner that is both meaningful and impactful. Because of our match making process, placement is not always first come first serve.


All of our working candidates are placed on payment plans. We understand the financial constraint many families are under and do our absolute best to work with you.

Our service dogs fully trained are typically priced, in total, between $15,000- $22,000

In an attempt to protect the longevity of our placements, all of our service dogs, regardless of origin:

  1. Have undergone OFA or PENNHIP on elbows and hips to ensure good joints
  2. Have undergone genetic testing to ensure a healthy dog, genetically
  3. Have had extensive public access and task training
  4. Are provided basic cooperative care training for ease of grooming and vetting
  5. Are supported with 5 free Zoom sessions a year, per year, after placement for maintenance or to troubleshoot should any issues arise.


In an effort to offer high-quality companions, we are pleased to introduce partially trained service dogs at a reduced rate. This option caters to individuals who desire to bypass the initial puppy training phase while being open to teaching advanced skills and tasks.

These dogs have received fundamental obedience training and are well-behaved in public settings; however, they are not fully trained for specialized tasks.

Normally in their adolescent stage, these dogs require additional training, although we have initiated the process of socialization and basic obedience training to ease the transition for their new owners.


Started service dogs are priced between $5,000-$10,000 depending on the extent of training you need.

Our started dogs are offered on payment plans just like our fully trained service dogs.